Christmas Party 2011

On December 6th we celebrated our year together with a luncheon at the Maclean RSL Club. A group of willing workers had organised the event and we arrived to a beautifully decorated room with the mighty Clarence River as a backdrop.

We had each recently made a Christmas placemat for our Christmas Box and each place was set with one of these lovely mats. It was fun guessing who made which mat.

Our Christmas Challenge, an apron, set by Marcia R. were all set out for us to admire and vote a viewer’s choice. The priettiest apron was won by Claudette and second was Sonia. The novelty apron was won by Lyn with Wilga second. What a lot of aprons in all shapes and sizes and designs!!

The lunch was preordered and was very nicely cooked so we all enjoyed it very much. We followed with a few games, lucky door prizes and a presentation to Wilga and Elizabeth for their hard work over the year. Everyone congratulated the organisers for a job well done.

Part of the organising team

Judging novelty aprons

Judging pretty aprons


Sonia setting up the apron display


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