Tuesday 30th September

Hi Everyone! What a busy month it has been. We hosted the Far Northern Zone Quilter’s Gathering on the 17th and I hit a bit of a wall after that. Anyway am back with photos and news of our activities.

Today we had the Hanky Panky Quilting Challenge. These hangings were made after a workshop by Wilga which showed us Cindy Brick’s method of using vintage hankies to make lovely projects. A friend came in to judge and Wilga won the President’s Prize. She had made an amazing picture to honour her great grandmothers. Others to enter included Elizabeth, Helen, Robyn, Nancy and Heather. See pictures below.  Elizabeth showed us a very easy block which when cut diagonally gives two different blocks for quilts or runners. As easy as.

We have collated the data from the surveys completed on Zone Day and a PDF is available on the Zone Day page. It seems most of us like to sew every day and shop at any fabric shop that we see!! Also a list of our favourite shops – and there are many of those – is on the same page.

Some of the Hanky Panky entries.

Some of the Hanky Panky entries.

More Hanky Panky including Robyn's framed tribute to her sister.

More Hanky Panky including Robyn’s framed tribute to her sister.

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