Tuesday February 3rd

Welcome back everyone and it was so nice to sit back and enjoy some stitching and friendship again.

Quite a few Signature Blocks were handed to me and they are looking lovely. So many different ideas and such beautiful work. Next week is the due date but don’t despair so we can easily extend the deadline. I will photograph each block and start a page especially to showcase them.

Robyn Gilvear showed us her lastest quilt for her family. Robyn’s quilts always tell a story and this one is all about the Australian bush. Terrific work Robyn and your family is very lucky to have such a talented quilt artist.

Chris Philp has a very painful shoulder and won’t be able to do the Beading Workshop next week. We hope you get some relief soon Chris.

Wilga’s first workshop at the beginning of March will be ‘How to Measure and Sew a Journal Cover’. See you all next week -Elizabeth

This is Robyn's latest lovely quilt.

This is Robyn’s latest lovely quilt.

Robyn and her Australiana quilt.

Robyn and her Australiana quilt.

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One Response to Tuesday February 3rd

  1. Chris philp says:

    Well done Robyn no doubt your family will love it ps. I love all the Kookaburras love it Robyn

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