Tuesday 8th September

Firstly a big thank you to Colleen for guest blogging while I was away. She did a great job.

Today we had a really good turnout and it was a special day for two reasons, Janet was discussing EPP and it was Art Quilts day.

Janet Hall has been a member for some years now and like us all has found the form of patchwork she loves best. In her case it is English Paper Piecing. It was just amazing to see how many types of EPP Janet has tried and mastered. She believes in working out patterns herself and finding the best methods to make it easier. From balls to mats to bags to blocks of all kinds Janet had examples for us to see. She explained her techniques and her passion shone through making it a wonderful mini workshop for all. Many thanks Janet I know I’m hooked and probably a lot more after today. See some notes on the workshop’s page.

Only four art quilts but we had an interesting discussion and more are promised. All were very different but fulfilling their maker’s inspiration. See the quilts on the Art Quilts page.

Next week on Wednesday 16th  we are heading to Evans Head for our annual Zone Day. Also on Saturday 19th our friends from Bluff Point Quilters will be holding their quilt show at Lawrence which is a very special day.

Some of Janet's EPP items and books.

Some of Janet’s EPP items and books.

Janet, in pink, describing her patchwork.

Janet, in pink, describing her patchwork.

Members at the EPP workshop.

Members at the EPP workshop.

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