Tuesday 3rd November

Melbourne Cup Day and we ran a little sweep for fun.

Lots of discussion about the Amish star block challenge and it was decided to get more fabric colours. There have been some interesting star blocks chosen.

Fay brought in her beautiful Dresdan Plate quilt in blue. This was enhanced with an applique border and was so lovely and fresh.

Looking around I spotted Ursula doing some European knitting. This technique, which she has tried to teach us, is fascinating to watch.

Fay's beautiful Dresdan Plate quilt.

Fay’s beautiful Dresdan Plate quilt.

Star block patterns.

Star block patterns.

Ursula knitting.

Ursula knitting.

Robyn Gilvear

Robyn Gilvear

Today I spoke with Robyn Gilvear, who has been a member for fifteen years, about her quilting and craft life. Robyn hasn’t been well lately but is hopefully on the mend now. Here is what she had to say:

Favourite colour? Robyn loves green, red and yellow. Brights are her go to colours.

Why do you quilt? Robyn likes to make useful quilts for her home and to give away . She designs quilts especially to suit the recipient so they will enjoy and use the quilt. She looks upon patchwork as recycling but loves beautiful new material too.

How long have you been quilting? Robyn has quilted for about twenty years. Her daughter was teaching quilting and nagged her into it. She has always been a sewer so patchwork came easily.

Techniques? Robyn most enjoys handsewing. At the moment she is knitting chickens!

Other interests? Robyn helps her husband cooking jams and pickles for charity. They go away in their caravan and like fishing. She has done a lot of DIY during her life. Together they enjoy their blended family of twelve children, eighteen grand children and twelve great grand children with another due soon.

Thank you Robyn for sharing your quilting journey with us.

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