Tuesday 1st March

Not quite so hot today but a bit humid with rain around. Today we did a mini workshop with Elizabeth Buzzell(me) on Fabric Postcards. Although the partcipants were a bit uneasy at first we soon got into the swing of things and all finished a cute postcard to take home. You can find the PDF of this workshop on the Workshop page along with some pictures.

Otherwise the raffle quilt girls have almost got the quilt to completion and it looks terrific. Tickets will be available soon from members and at Ferry Park Gallery.

Liz brought in the artwork which is also nearing completion.

Some of the rows for the BOM are finished and can be seen on the EPP page. Nancy is powering along with two rows finished.

All in all it was a busy day!


Postcard workshop in full swing.


Finished postcards.


Diane’s lovely baby quilt with pink elephants.


Claudette with the nearly completed raffle quilt.

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One Response to Tuesday 1st March

  1. Jacqui Carter says:

    The raffle quilt is looking fantastic !

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