Tuesday 21st February

A nice quiet day of stitching together with a few laughs. The Raffle Quilt girls are getting the large blocks finished and they are very pretty. It will be a traditional quilt and will hopefully appeal to all.

Last week I mentioned a “Challenge” and today Claudette outlined her idea which was enthusiastically embraced by the members. It will be a small item by designer Christine Book from her many books in our library. Christine paid us a visit early last year and we had a lovely day together. Sadly Christine has passed away but this will be a really nice way to pay tribute to her memory. Items need to be ready for the LCACA Festival in July.

Some Show and Tell from Wilga and Helen. Wilga’s quilt is a fantasy of The Wizard of Oz. When she was a young girl Wilga saw the movie and dreamed of a pair of red shoes. Many years later she knew she had to have this fabric and the quilt has been a labour of love.

Helen has made a quilt for her daughter in law Kylie. It is a pattern called ‘Diamond Squares’ and is lovely and fresh. We are sure Kylie will love it.

Next week our first payment of $30 is due for the Deborah Louie workshop.


Raffle quilt block


Another raffle quilt block.


Wizard of Oz quilt by Wilga.


Close up of Wilga’s quilt.


A quilt for Kylie by Helen.

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