Tuesday 18th April

Today was a beautiful sunny day in stitching paradise and even though we were a smallish group it was delightful to stitch with friends.

A happy day stitching

A Happy Day Stitching

Mary Williams passed around instructions on what to bring for her upcoming workshop on Tuesday May 2. This will be a hands-on workshop on “Combining Felt and Cotton” and sounds very interesting. No sewing machines needed. Please see Mary over the next couple of weeks if you are thinking of participating.

Our group is now a member of the Queensland Quilter’s Inc.  There is a magazine floating around and if you get a chance to glance through it, it is full of information. One website or blogspot to look at is listed below.


Below is a photo of Janet Hall’s latest Boro project. Janet is in the process of creating a carry bag.

Janet's Boro carry bag in creams and red

Janet’s Boro – a work in progress

Mary Williams was stitching one of her many beautiful art quilts. This one is of a spider’s web caught amongst a barbed-wire fence. If you look closely you may see part of the web glistening.

In progress - Mary's spider web art quilt

Mary’s Spider Web art quilt – a work in progress.

Next week is Anzac Day and we won’t be stitching.

Happy stitching ……… Penne

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