Tuesday 4th July

There were only a token few stitchers today; the majority of our group were at Maclean showgrounds preparing for the annual LCACA Quilt Show. Some of the entry items members brought to stitching, before heading off to the showground, were totally stunning. Best of luck girls, here’s hoping you have a win.

Below is the only photo I was able to capture. It’s a beautiful black & white carryall or book bag that Nancy stitched for one of her grand-daughters who is a teacher.

Nancy's Bag

Nancy’s terrific bag.

Best of luck to all members who have entered into the various sections of our annual quilt show. I’m sure that there will be much more show & tell next week for our blog.

Happy stitching…………..Penne

At the Maclean Showgrounds the quilt hanging crew had a very busy day. There were lots of large quilts and small, many wall hangings and art quilts too. The show is going to be amazing. Colleen, Helen, Elizabeth and Penne had fun creating this art quilt.


Beaches of the Lower Clarence.



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