Tuesday 27th November

Today we held our last General Meeting for 2018. Our committee has been very busy all year keeping us organised and the bills paid. A big thank you from the members.

We are sending flowers to our Life Member and great friend Nancy Towell who has been through some hospital treatment but is home again. It’s quite an undertaking for an octogenarian and we wish her well.

Morning tea saw us with chocolate and cheese cakes for the November birthdays.

Today Helen Granleese showed us how to clean fabric after a dye run!!!

We also had our last display of Art Quilts. Helen with leaves, Penne with cloche hats and Elizabeth with fabric scrapbooking. See pictures on our Art Quilt Page. We also discussed our direction for next year with ‘Seasons’ being a popular theme choice.

And Lorraine had a terrific panel quilt for show and tell. The horses panel and the way it was cut and the layout were really creative. Great work Lorraine.

And now it’s PARTY TIME!!! See you all next week at the Harwwood Hilton by the mighty Clarence River for our Christmas Party. Don’t forget your Fat Quarter and thread and your Christmas Challenge.

Keep safe Elizabeth and Colleen.


Robyn, Janet and Fay our happy November Birthday girls.


Lorraine and her terrific Pony Panel quilt.

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