30th Anniversary Party

2019 sees our club celebrating 30 wonderful years of friendship, sharing and caring.

In recognition of this amazing milestone we all enjoyed a “Birthday Party” at home in our hall where we have been meeting for many years. We decided to self- cater because, well, lets face it, as well as some very clever stitchers  our group also has some pretty amazing cooks. The result was a beautiful relaxed day with lots of fun and some delicious soups and deserts.

We are fortunate to have , still active in the group, three of the original members who came along on the very first day. Wilga Bolton, who put out the call for like minded women to form a group, and Nancy Towell and Carol Shannon who answered the call. We owe a debt of gratitude to these ladies whose legacy we now all enjoy.

30th Anniv.16

Wilga cuts the Birthday Cake assisted by Carol and Nancy and watched by Life Member Fay

We had a lot of fun showing off some of our oldest quilts, along with some of our oldest UFO’s

We’d like to say a big thank you to Elizabeth and her band of helpers who carried out the wishes of our founding members to organize the day, also to Alison and Marie and their helpers who organised the kitchen and made sure no-one was hungry.


Here we all are wearing our Pearls

May I just add my personal thanks to Wilga, Carol and Nancy and all those who have gone before us for the strong foundations they have laid and the nurturing culture they have developed in our club.

May this wonderful group that is Maclean Patchwork and Quilters continue to provide a place of friendship, love, support and creative sharing for many many more years to come.  We are so lucky to belong .

Happy stitching


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