Our Quilts

Christine’s magical second quilt

Ursula's beautiful first quilt


Robyn's 'Trucks Everywhere' quilt

Reef Magic - made by MP&Q for Brisbane Children's Hospital


Chris P. has finished this terrific blue and brown log cabin quilt

Doreen’s lovely sampler quilt

Diane's Jig Saw Quilt - given to Wraps With Love

Sue's Scrappy Quilt

The back of Sues quilt.

Wilga’s Beautiful Scrappy Quilt As You Go

The back of Wilgas quilt

Chris’ first quilt

Elizabeths Kaleidoscope Quilt

Beths made this beautiful quilt by hand.

Collens Sunburnt Country quilt

Lindas Quilt - made for her brother

Alisons Raggy Quilt

Marcias Sampler Quilt in Pink


Wendys Snuggle Quilt

Dianes Bow Tie Quilt - made in 2002


3 Responses to Our Quilts

  1. Chris Philp says:

    Thanks go to our president Elizabeth for doing such a great job keeping our blog up to date. Thanks from Chris Philp

  2. Georgia Clements says:

    Your web site is wonderful and the quilts you ladies have been making are so beautiful.
    I am a member of Ballina Coastal Quilters but unfortunately we don’t have many computer savy ladies who could make up a nice blog for us.

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