Quilt Show 2016

Another wonderful quilt show, this year back at the Jim Tompson Pavillion at the Maclean Showgrounds.

Members winning prizes are as follows:-

Helen Granleese 1st – Traditional large quilt “The Black Forest” and 1st Member’s small quilt “Summer Holiday”

Carol Shannon – 1st Modern large quilt

Robyne Plater – 2nd Member’s small quilt “Close to my Heart”

Elizabeth Buzzell – 2nd Art Quilt “Pied Oyster Catchers” and 3rd Member’s small quilt “Tropical Punch”

Liz Imrie – 1st Member’s wall hanging “East of Broomshead”

Fay Farnham – 2nd Member’s wall hanging “Promise of Spring”

Colleen, Penne and Elizabeth – 1st Art Quilts “Quarries of the Lower Clarence”

Mary Williams – Highly Commended Art Quilts “Under the Camphor Laurels”

Wilga Bolton – Highly Commended Patchwork Crafts “White and Gold Twisted ” cushion

Claudette Hough – 1st Members Amish Block Challenge

Our raffle quilt also won first prize in Group quilts. It was won by Suzi Farnsworth.

Here are our member’s entries. Please excuse the quality of the photos as the lighting was poor and it was difficult to get a good shot. If I have missed anyone please accept my apologies.

Amish Blocks

Amish Blocks

More Amish Blocks.

More Amish Blocks.

Carole's quilt

Carole’s quilt

Carole's other quilt.

Carole’s other quilt.

Claudette's quilt.

Claudette’s quilt.

Claudette's other quilt.

Claudette’s other quilt.

Part of Diane's quilt.

Part of Diane’s quilt.

Elizabeth's art quilt.

Elizabeth’s art quilt.

Elizabeth's large quilt.

Elizabeth’s large quilt.

Elizabeth's small quilt.

Elizabeth’s small quilt.

Elizabeth's wall hanging.

Elizabeth’s wall hanging.

Fay's quilt.

Fay’s quilt.

Group art quilt.

Group art quilt.

 Helen G's first large quilt.

Helen G’s first large quilt.

Helen G's second large quilt.

Helen G’s second large quilt.

Helen G's small quilt.

Helen G’s small quilt.

Helen Mc's small purple quilt.

Helen Mc’s small purple quilt.

Helen Mc's wall hanging.

Helen Mc’s wall hanging.

Judy's quilt.

Judy’s quilt.

Judy's other quilt.

Judy’s other quilt.

Liz's wall hanging.

Liz’s wall hanging.

Marcia R's table runner.

Marcia R’s table runner.

Marlene's large quilt.

Marlene’s large quilt.

Mary's art quilt.

Mary’s art quilt.

Mary's memories.

Mary’s memories.

Mary's wall hanging.

Mary’s wall hanging.

Mary's other wallhanging.

Mary’s other wallhanging.

Penne, Colleen and Elizabeth's "Quarries" art quilt.

Penne, Colleen and Elizabeth’s “Quarries” art quilt.

Robyne's Bargello quilt.

Robyne’s Bargello quilt.

Sonia's table runner.

Sonia’s table runner.

Wilga's cushion.

Wilga’s cushion.

Wilga's friendship quilt.

Wilga’s friendship quilt.