5th May2021

Marie Young has been brave enough to send along a photo of her sewing room.

She states that it is a dreadful mess on her work bench, “I am working on a very intense project” she says. We all have days or even weeks like this, we have empathy Marie. We look forward to seeing the “Intense project” when it is completed.

This picture inspired me to clean up my work bench. So thank you Marie.

Happy Crafting……………………………Sue

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4th May 2021

Here we are in May already, the year is flying by and the amount of projects we are producing is constant. Life is returning to Patchwork Normal.

Marcia’s beautiful toadstool pillow.

Marcia Rutledge has been busy completing this stunning pillow. The toadstool details are beautifully done.

Marlene Sheehan has not let us down either. She has 3 projects completed and one from’Memory Lane’.

This lovely purple ‘stack and slash’ quilt is for Marlene’s granddaughter.

We are sure she will be very pleased with this gift.

This pillow demonstrates ‘Candlewicking’ at it’s best. Marlene is the ‘Queen’ of ‘candlewicking’ we always enjoy seeing these lovely items.

Our meeting this week was a hive of activity. All these lovely items for show n tell and our founding member Wilga Bolton has bought along another stash of blocks from her stash. So much discussion ensued as to who was going to do what. Can’t wait to see them come back finished.

I myself snatched one block to hopefully return it as a cushion cover. We’ll see. watch this space.

A trip down memory lane with this cute runner. Marlene tells me it was made at an MPQ retreat in Evans Head at least 8 years ago. It is a foundation pieced. What a great way to get rid of some leftovers of another project. Still looks like new.

Our first workshop since early 2020, will be held on 1st June 2021.

‘Stacked Landscapes’ with Elizabeth Buzzell. See Elizabeth for requirements list.

Happy crafting……………………………Sue

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28th April 2021

Autumn is upon us but we at MPQ are spring cleaning. After a year away from our MPQ home we have a lot of catching up to do. Marlene’s clean out of the cupboards revealed a few UFO’s. So there are projects galore for those looking for something to do.

Val Wright has requested help with a CWA project she is working on at the moment. To produce flannelette hearts for the Maternity wards in hospitals, for Mothers of newborn babies who require the aid of a humidicrib. The heart is put in the Mother’s bra where her smell and her milk smell transfer to the heart. The heart is placed on the baby’s chest in order to comfort the baby. Details and template for the heart is in the May newsletter.
Our May newsletter has been delayed but will be available by Tuesday 4th May.

We had a smaller than usual turnout this week but no less activity. It was Birthday month for Dianne Lyons and Narelle Green. Hope you had great Birthdays ladies!.

Dianne and Narelle our Birthday girls.
Narelle’s Prize winning cross stitch.

We must congratulate Narelle Green on her mammoth effort at the Maclean Show just recently. Not only was Narelle instrumental in the organisation of the Craft Exhibit, and was Covid marshall, she had entries in a lot of categories’. Her haul of wins or places is impressive to say the least.

1st and 2nd in Cross stitch with champion needlework exhibit. 1st with custard powder sponge against 11 others. 1st with ASC fruit cake against 2 others. 1st and a 2nd with pot plants. In her spare time Narelle runs her farm and patchworks.

From one crafter to another.

Wilga’s training blocks.

We have some very talented ladies in our group. Wilga Bolton , our Founder and award winning mentor has taught many a class over the years. With her fading eyesight, she has decided to pass on some of her stash for re-purposing. Don’t worry if you were absent last week there is still some waiting for you.

Happy Creating……………..Sue

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20th April 2021

We are settling back into our hall , hopefully the few members who have not yet returned after the covid lockdown, will soon feel comfortable enough to join us again.

Marie and Bev are back and happily stitching quilts which will be birthday gifts for some special people.

Elizabeth and Sue are busy sorting out a user guide to the computer systems , programmmes and websites for the group.

Marlene and Barbara are cleaning out and tidying our cupboard, both jobs will be greatly appreciated when completed so thankyou, Elizabeth and Sue, Marlene and Barbara

Wilga brought in some of her scrap fabric which Dianne , Marcia and Robyne had some fun sorting through.

Happy stitching everyone,

Cheers Linda

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Tuesday April 13th

Despite a rather cool morning we had a good roll up of members.

Dianne brought in some fabric for us from dear Helen’s stash. Many of the pieces were really pretty and much has found a new home.

Helen’s Stash

We also had a visit from Bronwyn Findlayson who represents “KAIROS” meaning special time. She had earlier in the year asked us if we could make some little gifts for the ladies in the new correctional centre at Grafton. Bronwyn and others run programs there. Today we had mats, coasters and bags and there are bookmarks and box covers still to come. Bronwyn stayed for morning tea and was very interested in our projects.

Bronwyn and Claudette our president.

Later in the morning we also had a visit from two old friends Ian and Kay McPhee. It’s lovely to chat with friends after all the lockdowns.

Have a great week everyone from Elizabeth

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Hey, it’s Good to be Back Home Again

To paraphrase John Denver, sometimes this old hall, seems like a long lost friend. It truly was good to be back home last week. We have a very large investment in books and equipment, which we have not been able to use during this last year so, it is just great to have access to our library and tools again.

Simple things like putting up the ironing board and using the bias makers to prepare some celtic work…….Bliss
These are the little things we’ve missed
There was a lot of chatting
Lots of heads down working AND chatting
A bit of working and fun and chatting
And our constant companion ….. Hand Sanitizer

Hopefully now that restrictions have eased and we are back home, our few members who have not returned since the covid lockdown will feel comfortable to join us again. We have missed them.

Happy stitching ladies

Cheers Linda

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Easter Monday, 2021

Once more, Covid reared its ugly head and rearranged many of our plans for Easter again this year, but the good news is that we will be back in our home hall as of tomorrow.

Our general meeting was held last week and there were lots of suggestions for activities for this year. We still need a treasurer, it would be great if someone would step up and take on this role which is vital to the smooth running of our group.

There was an offer from some of the ladies to take a turn now and then as guest blogger, which will add some variety and a bit of a boost to this blog.

A representative of Kairos Group will be visiting us tomorrow to collect the small items which some of our ladies have been making for distribution to female inmates of correctional centres.

Bookmarks made by Marie for Kairos

Claudette and Marcia R had some show and tell from a Caroline Sharkey workshop which they attended at Grafton Textiles. I think you will agree, it is beautiful work and would have been very interesting techniques to learn.

Colleen brought in a scrap quilt she has made, a great way to use up some of the mountain of scraps we create as we go along . The front made using crumbs, the back using leftover strips, how good is that ?

This is Alison’s beautiful shawl she is knitting, using the softest gossamer fine baby mohair

The ladies from the group have been making appliqued and embroidered blocks which have now been made into two more quilts for Allowah Children’s hospital, They are so pretty.

Last year during lockdown, you will remember that some of us shared photos of our sewing spaces, Deb didn’t have a sewing space to share , at the time, but she has been busy and has converted her garage into a very lovely sewing room. Well done Deb and may you enjoy many many hours of sewing pleasure in your new Happy Place

Deb’s new sewing room
Some new bedside table toppers , just completed by Deb

Happy Stitching Ladies

Cheers Linda

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New Beginnings, Everything Old is New Again

Our AGM was held on Tuesday, we have a new President and Secretary, in fact a whole new committee, although we do not at present have a treasurer.

Claudette has been elected President and Robyne is our new Secretary. This is a proven team as Claudette and Robyne have worked together successfully in these positions a few years ago, Well Done ladies for stepping up again.

The other exciting news which proves the old addage is that WE ARE GOING HOME!

The Uniting Church Committee have advised that we will be welcome back at their hall from 6th April.

We are truly grateful to the Townsend Baptist Community for accommodating us during this difficult time.

More exciting news, Ian tells me that a week or two after we go back to the hall , he will bring Liz for another visit. Liz really enjoyed her last visit and is looking forward to catching up again.

Unfortunately due to a small technology glitch and my ineptitude I do not have any photos to share this week, never fear, I will arrange to have them re-sent and will share them next week

Please consider taking on the Treasurer position, as it is a vital role in the smooth running of our club.

There is nasty weather coming for the next few days, so a good excuse for us all to huddle inside and sew.

Have fun ladies,

Cheers, Linda

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9th March 2021

It’s Annual General Meeting time. Time to say thankyou to our wonderful committee, Val Wright, Deb Patch and Sue Carl who have kept us going during a very difficult time. These three ladies were relative newbies to our club who bravely took on the executive positions and then just under a year in, they were hit with the covid lockdown, they have kept us informed and operational during the lockdown and restrictions, much of the time they were stumbling in the dark, not really knowing what they were doing and how things are usually done, but they have stuggled on and done a fantastic job, mostly without access (because of lockdown) to our wonderful brains trust of experienced members well done ladies and congratulations. Time to sit back now and enjoy some quiet stitching at meetings while another brave and generous team take over. (we hope)

Elizabeth has completed a beautiful quilt just in time for delivery to her grand niece

I think Elsie Pearl is going to be thrilled when she receives this lovely ballerina quilt

Marlene has been busy, these luxury coat hangers are destined for sale at Ferry Park Gallery

Marlene has made these great coasters for the Kairos Group

Elizabeth made this great play cushion for her Grand Daughter

Airley is going to just love this clever Play cushion made by her Grand Mother

I sign off tonight with a feeling of optimism , covid vaccinations are beginning to happen, we have a new committee coming in , we will soon be back in our home hall and hopefully we will soon be back to normal operations, with access to our library and equipment, workshops and all that makes our group so much fun.

Happy Stitching Ladies,

Cheers Linda

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2nd March 2021

We have had a letter from Ian Imrie of Maclean Uniting Church Hall Committee, who has advised that they will be re-opening the hall , probably around the middle of March. As nice as it has been to be able to meet at Townsend during this time, we will be happy to be back in our “home”. We are truly grateful to the Townsend Baptist Church for making their premises available to us . It has enabled us to keep meeting during this difficult time.

It has been proposed that we partake in a Challenge in memory of our friend, Helen who passed away recently. Helen was a great lover of Tablerunners and also, always up for a challenge in trying out new blocks which she had not tried before.

The Challenge is to complete a Table Runner, using a block which we have never used before, it must include some mauve or purple fabric( which was Helen’s favourite colour) and will be completed by Helen’s birthday, 17th July. good luck everyone. We are looking forward to seeing the results.

Joan has brought in some items which she finished during the lockdown.

How cute is this miniature dog, made by Joan

Narelle has finished a stunning cross stitch which is on it’s way to the framers, what beautiful work and such patience.

Narelle’s beautiful cross stitch

Happy stitching everyone and good luck with that Challenge.

Cheers, Linda

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