9th August 2022

Another new member joined us today, making that 6 new members in 3 months.Welcome to Adrian from Ashby Heights.

A good turnout today and a few show and tells to inspire us all.


Penne C.

Penne has two contributions for today. Alison M. is quilting them for her. Both lovely bright colours and very different from each other.

Simply stunning

And the close up.

Well done Penne this one could brighten anyone’s day.

Just waiting for binding.

The close up.

Again, Penne a lovely quilt.

Ursula R.

Ursula has been busy sewing her donation quilt for the flood victims.

Cute monkies

The close up.

Some child will love this cute quilt.

Neil J.

Neil has started a new project and let us have a sneak peek. Japanese fabrics, diamond shapes. Wait and see the end result. I am sure it will be a masterpiece as usual.

Imagination to be used.

Looks lovely so far Neil. Just love the colour combinations.

Alison M.

This next photo has not been created by Alison herself but her DAD about 40 years ago. It is a lovely baby shawl that her Dad made for one of his grandchildren. Family tradition was that he made a shawl for each new baby. Alison has kept it safe all this time but will be returning it to England on her next trip in a few weeks. Looks as good today as back then.

Dad was clever

The close up.

Beautiful job Alison, your Dad would be proud of how well you have looked after his efforts.

Help Wanted.

Dianne L. has been her very crafty self and located the following in an OP shop. Unfortunately she is missing blocks 6,7,8 & 9. I have tried to located the pattern but to no success.

Is there anyone out there who recognises this pattern and can help Dianne to locate some instructions so her find can be completed?

Looks lovely and a challenge.


Don’t forget Zone Day on Saturday 13th August at Grafton Showground in the ‘Barn’ by 9.30am for 10.00am start. Don’t forget your fat quarter and cotton as your donation. Bring your mug and lunch. See you there.


I know Christmas is still a few months away, BUT we need plenty of time to prepare the Christmas Challenge. This year it is to do 2 x Heart Blocks. It appears that our Heart block book is lacking blocks.

They should be 7″ squares (so they can be cut to a 6-1/2″ block },with a heart of your choosing in the middle of the block. Background fabric should be cream or beige (check the binder for inspiration.). Do not sign your name on the block until after the judging at the Christmas Party. Then sign them, with a Micron Art Pen, before placing them in the Binder under your name.

We have a stash of Heart blocks in a binder ready for use when one of our members needs reminding that they are not alone, and the Group is there for them. The heart blocks are kept in a binder in plastic sleeves with each members name on the sleeve. When needed the heart blocks are retrieved from the binder and presented to the member for them to assemble, a reminder of a group hug. They can make a quilt or table runner or whatever they want from the heart blocks supplied.

Happy Crafting……………………….Sue

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2nd August 2022

Another sunny day. We could get used to these, and I am sure I can smell spring just around the corner.

Great turnout at our meeting this morning, lots of laughter and chattering going on. It was our workshop day, Marlene and Barbara showed us how to ‘Applique over cardboard’. Lots of interest and we are expecting some show and tell in a few weeks.

Things are returning to normal as shown by the number of Show and Tells this week.


Barbara F. and Marcia R. showed us the ‘Sashiko’ . They were a gift from Sharon D. after one of her travels. Both Ladies did a wonderful job.

Same pattern done in different colours.

The close up.

Lorraine K.

Lorraine’s child’s quilt is finally finished and ready for distribution. Great job Lorraine. Made from donated fabric and more.

soooo cute.

The close up

Gail. C.

Gail may have not made this quilt but she couldn’t pass it up when she spied it in an OP shop for $3. Her contribution to the children’s quilts for the Flood victims. Great find Gail.

so cute and adorable.
The close up

Debra P.

Debra has been busy putting together her Bargello quilt. Designed by Arbee Designs. It is not quite finished but looks stunning so far.

Can’t feel blue with this quilt.

The close up

Sue C.

I finally finished a quilt I started in February 2022, but had first purchased as a block of the month back in 2017. Due to circumstances, such as selling house in Whian Whian and living in our caravan for 15 months before moving to Gulmarrad to our new home in 2019 it took till February to be in a position to start. It is called Gravity by Jaybird Quilts. Fun to make but not to quilt. A queen size quilt.

All cut on the bias.

The close up.

I think I will stick to lap or children’s quits from now on.

There was definitely variety in Show and Tell this week.


Zone Day 13th August, 2022 at Grafton Showground in the ‘Barn’. Arrive 9.30am for 10.00am start. Bring your own mug and lunch. Morning Tea will be provided.

Donation quilts for kids will be accepted on the day and distributed as required.

Bring a fat quarter and reel of thread as a gift for those who lost everything in the floods.

Car pooling has been arranged and details available next Tuesday.

Happy crafting…………………….Sue

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26th July 2022

Half way through winter and closer to spring. The sun is shining and we can see the warmer weather just around the corner.

We must welcome our newest members, Mary and Trudie . We hope you enjoy the Group and friendships it can offer.


With the Quilt Exhibition now in the past tense our next big event is the upcoming Zone Day to be held in Grafton on 13th August, 2022 Our hosts will be Patch n Chat, Grafton.

The venue for the event is the Showground ‘Barn” so arrive by 9.30am for a 10.00am start. The cost of entry is $20 per person which includes morning tea. Please bring your own Mug. Tea and coffee will be available all day but BYO lunch.

Also, please bring along your donation kids quilts. These will be passed onto our Flood survivors. AND if you would like to donate a fat quarter and a reel of cotton to our quilting friends who lost everything in the floods. AND if you have any show and tell to share and inspire others.

Car pooling has been arranged for transport to the Event. Contact Robyne P. and put your name on the list.

There will be representatives from local fabric stores selling their wares so bring along some pocket money and help the local economy. Have fun everyone.


We have two quilts for Show and Tell this week.

Carol S,

Lovely Hearts.

The close up.

This quilt will make the lucky recipient feel loved. Well done Carol.

Fay F,

Absolutely gorgeous,

The close up

Well done Fay. This was made from scrap fabrics from Fay’s stash. Beautiful result and a reminder that scraps shouldn’t be thrown out.

Dianne L,

Dianne is working on a quilt for her niece Ruby who will turn 21 in two years. So Dianne finally got started this week. By the look of the photo it will be a lovely quilt. The pattern is called ‘Ruby’ how appropriate.

Lovely colour choice.


We have three Birthday girls for July, Wilga, Penne and Judy. Happy Birthday everyone.

All happy to be another year older.

The knife is nearly as big as Wilga.

Cake all round.

Happy Crafting……………………..Sue

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12th July 2022

I apologise everyone for being tardy in getting the latest news to you. I am on holiday with my new Camper trailer and out of range of technology some of the time (Just quietly it was peaceful.). The weather has been a little chilly but hasn’t dampened anyone’s enthusiasm, I hear the exhibition went off without a hitch. Would we expect anything less?

After all those months of selling raffle tickets for the stunning quilt that has been displayed in Ferry Park we finally have a winner. The raffle was drawn at the Exhibition on the last day, and the Winner is Ken Adams. Second place was won by Val Wright. Both happy winners.

Ken Adams and his stunning Quilt.


Chris B. is our only participant this week. Chris has completed two children’s quilts for the Flood victims. Both are lovely and we are sure they will be appreciated by the recipients. Good job Chris.

Animals are always loved by kids.

Farm machinery never looked so good.


Mary Bush came along to demonstrate a new cutting machine that can produce fabric strips and shapes for paper piecing etc.

Everyone was fascinated. thanks Mary.

The machine

Mary and those strips.

Sorry I missed it. But am sure i will be brought up to date.

Happy Crafting……………………………Sue

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28th June 2022

Half the year is gone and Christmas is only six months away. Our Quilt exhibition is upon us in just 10 days. There is still lots to do in preparation. Have you volunteered to help out? Volunteers needed for all areas of the Exhibition from catering to manning the exhibits. Entries to the Exhibition are still being accepted. We hope everyone has a wonderful Exhibition and good luck to those who have and entry in the show. The Raffle quilt has been selling for over 18 months and will be finally drawn on Sunday 10th. Good luck to those who have a ticket.


We have a couple of entries this week. Both are very different but lovely.

Neil J.

Neil has finally finished a quilt that was sold before finished. Just needs the binding.

Very colourful and different.

The close up

Great job Neil as always.

Elizabeth B,

This is one of the kids quilts made from fabric donated by Kennard and Kennard fabrics for the flood victims. Elizabeth and Colleen collaborated for this beautiful quilt.

Zebra’s are the theme.

Just love the embroidered glasses.

Great job Ladies. I am sure the recipient will love it.


Our latest newsletter is available on our blog.

Happy Crafting………………………Sue

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21st June 2022

Well! The sunshine continues as does our preparations for the quilt exhibition in July. Lets hope this lovely weather continues and makes it a wonderful weekend.


Due to other commitments I was unable to attend the meeting this week but my trusty sidekick Lorraine didn’t let me down.

Debra P.

Debra P. has been very busy making not one but two quilts for her grand daughters.

3D effect.

The close up. Stunning.

Debra keeps coming up with these wonderful designs. Great Job.

So colourful.

Debra’s a very patient person. The close up.

Great job Debra we are sure your grand daughters will love them.

Lorraine K.

Lorraine’s quilt is her contribution to the collection of kids quilts for the children affected by the floods.

As usual Lorraine has done a lovely job.

Colours are perfect..

This should bring a smile to a child’s face,


Friday 8th July – Sunday 10th July 2022 Maclean Patchwork and Quilters Quit Exhibition.

Happy Crafting………………………..Sue

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14th June 2022

Our sunshine continues as we find ourselves in the middle of June. This year, though we didn’t think it during all that rain, has flown by so quickly.

Today was a very special day at MPQ. Today we presented a cheque for $1,000 to a very worthy organisation, Mucyala Aboriginal Corporation, who represent the residents of Cabbage Tree Island. Cabbage Tree Island was devastated in the floods early this year. All 40 homes and the school were completely inundated with flood waters. The latest update is that 90% of the homes have been condemned. The community is unable to access the Island and have been split up, some with family elsewhere and the rest into Caravan Parks across the Northern Rivers. The school age kids are attending an area set aside at Southern Cross University in Lismore The enormity of this situation should not be understated. To lose your home is bad enough but to lose your sense of community is a much larger issue, these folk will require ongoing support during their rebuilding process.

BUT in true Aussie spirit, they will rebuild their community, this will be a long term project and is expected to take at least 2 years. In the meantime we can help in many ways, not just raising money for these families but making available, items you think may be of use. The way this can be done effectively is to reach out to the help organisation in the area. GIVIT is an organisation online where you can donate cash or goods directly to people in need. It covers all of Australia and gets to the heart of requirements for families in need.

Cabbage Tree Island is local to Maclean. It is situated just past Wardell heading North to Ballina.

Claudette, Carmel and Anika..

Presentation to Mucyala Aboriginal Corporation.

We have been made aware of the plight of Cabbaga Tree Island residents by our President Claudette whose granddaughter Anika accepted the cheque.on behalf of the Mucyala Aboriginal Corporation. Anika has been working tirelessly for this community. We wish them the best for the future and want them to know they can count on us for support.


Even though we have a lot on our plates getting ready for the Exhibition in July one of our members has finished a quilt she has been working on for many many months. Robyne P, finally completed her quilt and with the help of Alison M. who did the quilting it is ready for the binding. Wonderful job Robyne.

A lovely quilt.

Lots of colour

The close up.

Everyone is working hard on their quilts for the exhibition, so Show and Tell is a little sparse at the moment.

With so much sunshine after so much rain I can understand why you may want to garden instead of sew. But remember the sun shines only from 7.30am till 4.30pm so there are quite a few hours of the day left for sewing. LOL.

Happy Crafting………………………..Sue

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7th June 2022

Sunshine, Sunshine and more sunshine, Is it just lovely to have the sunshine back? The past 10 days has been sunny and very little rain, But of course we had to give up something for this beautiful sunshine. The weather has turned cold, so jumpers and jackets are the go, I don’t care I LOVE the sunshine and the cooler weather means more sewing time without the humidity and heat. So much to get done before our July Exhibition.

Last week the group worked on their children’s quilts with gusto, this week most tops were finished and ready for sandwiching and quilting. Quite an array of colours and subjects. The finished quilts should start appearing in Show and Tell very soon.


We did have one brave soul who showed us his quilt top. Neil has been very busy over the past few days and produced a magnificent art quilt, not just in design but size. Neil never ceases to amaze us with his talent and designs.

Alison and Neil with his quilt top.

Those eyes are watching.in this close up.

Can’t wait to see this quilted.

JUNE WORKSHOP – Free Motion quilting using a domestic machine with Alison M.

This month’s workshop was well attended with all eyes on Alison as she demonstrated how to use rulers to quilt as well as some free motion action. It was very informative and inspired us all.

Alison getting started.

Alison demonstrated how to set up your machine and how to use a slip and sew mat.

All eyes on Alison.

Using special quilting rulers Alison demonstrated some designs we can all try.

Alison with a very attentive audience.

Thanks Alison, we really enjoyed your workshop. We all know what we will be having a go at when we get home.


Next week we will be having a special guest to receive our donation cheque for the Cabbage Tree Island Community.

Only 10 days till your entry forms are to be lodged for our Quilt Exhibition in July.

Don’t forget to include the size of the quilt on the entry form. Size is not an issue for the mini quilts or art quilts.

If you are entering a quilt in the exhibition, you must have a sleeve on the top back of the quilt for hanging purposes.

Happy Crafting…………………….Sue

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24th May 2022

To say that we are all over the RAIN would be an understatement . The showers were heavier and more frequent today , so as a consequence our numbers were pretty low this week. We still made double digits and managed to organise next weeks big ‘sew in’. Next Tuesday is the 5th Tuesday in the month and has been designated our ‘Sew In’ days. This month it is to utilise the donated fabric by KK fabrics and make some children’s quilts for the flood survivors. So bring your machines and enthusiasm.


We don’t have any for this week as everyone is busy readying their projects for the exhibition in July.

So instead we will pass on the update on our donated quilt.

Two years ago, during covid and our time at the Baptist Hall in Townsend I was given a not quite finished very large quilt by the Townsend OP shop. Over the year or so we have tried on a couple of occasions to finish the quilt but have faced a few obstacles. Bunching of fabric and mould showing on the quilt back, the wadding separating between the top and the backing. SO finally we made the decision to unpick the quilt and start a fresh. The good news is that we have completed that task with the help of some helpful members and this week managed to remove all the unpicked cotton from the top. NOW it is ready for a good soak and wash and then we will move onto to giving it a really good press with the iron then re- sandwiching with fresh wadding. Then onto quilting it. Definitely a long term project. But now the fun part.

Phase 1 and 2 completed.

As you can see in the photo this quilt has potential. We hope to raffle it off when completed.


In House Workshop first Tuesday of the month –.7th June, 2022 – Free Motion Quilting using a domestic machine, with Alison Merrin.

Happy Crafting…………………………..Sue

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17th May, 2022

General meeting today, lots to discuss and plan. Good turnout, with a special treat from Neil J. Morning Tea was on Neil as he announced his recycled denim log cabin quilt made the finals in The Australian Quilt Show in the category of recycled fabrics.Congratulations Neil.


Morning tea was lovely thank you Neil.

Another surprise from Neil was a package donated by one of his suppliers.

KK. Fabrics donation.

Full of fabrics and scraps to be used in donation projects.

Some beautiful fabrics. Everyone will put on their thinking caps to distribute fabric and come up with projects to make the best use of these fabrics.

Thank you Kennard and Kennard Fabrics. Generous gesture.

What have we got here.

Aren’t they lovely.

No show and tell today due to the meeting and the other excitement.


5th Tuesday in the month of May (31st) has been set aside to sew a quilt for a founding member of LCACA. , June Alexander. All hands on deck for this one members.

We welcomed a New member today. Welcome Liz, hope you are inspired by your visit today.

One of our projects at the moment is reverse sewing a donated quilt. Last week I had 4 helpers and this week I had three. Liz was a great help on her first week. Thanks everyone.

Happy crafting……………………………..Sue

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