Tuesday 17th April

What a nice day we have had together. More relaxed now that the raffle quilt is finished.

Wilga gave some more instructions for the ‘Hidden Wells’ block. If you like sorting into 1234 and ABCD then this block is for you!!!

We presented Sharon with a gift of heart blocks afer her recent bereavement. Marie also had her finished “heart’ quilt for show and tell. She has used some fabrics from Western Australia for the sashing and binding. We are also collecting heart blocks for Kay who is starting radiation treatment. Our kindest thoughts are with her. Nancy is still recovering from her leg surgery and we hope to have her back soon.

Gail brought in her finished ‘Bow Tie’ quilt which we all loved. Those old blocks never fade away do they?

Sorry I’m late with the post but it has been a very busy week. Keep stitching Elizabeth and Colleen


Gail’s bright and beautiful Bow Tie quilt.


Marie’s precious Heart Quilt will be a special keepsake for her and her family.


Wilga explaining ‘Hidden Wells’.


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Tuesday 10th

Busy day today with lots of laughter, Wilga had information for the ladies doing her”Hidden Wells” workshop next month so they could take advantage of the fabric sale at Sew Excited.

Elizabeth  has asked for ideas for demonstrations for the quilt show in July.

Liz had a beautiful quilt she has made,(this one for herself) in shades of green and mustard.

Sharon and Marie were in Grafton Shopping World making the boomerang bags , some out of T shirts and recycled fabrics, more ladies will be there this week .

Our raffle quilt has been finished and a name has been chosen, some of us put in suggestions , 3 names went in the hat and a vote was taken , “Tranquillity” was the winner.

We also had some pieces from last weeks Kantha stitching demonstration,.

Cheers Colleen and Elizabeth


Wilga’s Hidden Wells quilt


Kantha stitching


Wilga discussing the placement of fabrics for “Hidden Wells”


Liz and her beautiful quilt










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Tuesday 3rd April

Hi Elizabeth here.

After a fine Easter weekend when Maclean celebrated the famous ‘Gathering of the Clans’ we are back to our stitching.

Today we held our first Mini Workshop where members share their techniques. Today was my day and I introduced the class to ‘Kantha’. A lot of the ladies turned up with their linen recycled cloth ready. First we learnt the Kantha outline stitch and then various patterns of stitch to fill in our samplers. I really enjoyed the camaraderie of us sitting together and slow stitching. Thank you participants.

The raffle quilt makers were very busy sewing on the binding of this very large quilt. Now for a name and label!!!

Dianne showed us her kitchen set of oven holder and tea cosy. Great work Dianne. She and Beth have just had a fabric excursion to New Zealand but they did look at the famous sites as well.

Next week some of the ladies are involved in Boomerang Bags at Grafton Shopping World. Hope you all have a happy time.

Keep stitching Elizabeth and Colleen.


Elizabeth demonstrating Kantha.


Elizabeth and Helen getting down to the nitty gritty of the outline stitch.


The ladies mastering Kantha.


Sharon, Colleen, Penne, Janet and Val at the Kantha workshop.


Dianne’s bright and lovely kitchen set.


Marlene, Barb, Fay and Marcia binding the raffle quilt.


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Tuesday 27th

Great to see so many smiling faces for our bi monthly meeting, many things were discussed and decisions made. Linda had her fidget quilt and there was a lot of interest so a working bee has been set up for May 8th, these will be given to a local aged care facility so get all those bits and bobs out as well as textured fabric etc. The raffle quilt is back from the quilters and binding will be finished shortly so tickets will be available soon. Elizabeth’s workshop on Kantha stitch is next week, it will be interesting as very few of us have ever done it. The birthday girl for March wasn’t able to attend so the cake was cut by Marcia who is celebrating her 60th wedding anniversary.

Happy stitching Colleen and Elizabeth


Linda’s fidget quilt

IMG_0007 (1)

the raffle quilt

IMG_0004 (1)

the commitee

IMG_0001 (1)

Marcia cutting the cake (bit fuzzy sorry)

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Tuesday 20th March

Today we held our AGM. There was a smaller than expected turnout of members but we successfully filled most positions. Linda will continue as our president along with Bev again our treasurer. The secretary position will be divided into two with Lorraine being minutes secretary and Janet the regular secretary. Our fees are to stay the same.

After a quick morning tea we had our art quilt reveal for March. Wilga had made a beautifully crafted artistic bag using recycled napkins and crochet crinoline ladies from a garage sale. Penne sent along her first cloche hat in black velvet and flowers. Elizabeth had the first four of her old family photos which will become a concertina book. We had a lovely discussion re all things arty. See photos on our Art Quilt page.

Show and Tell:

Liz had a beaut blue and green quilt which looks super. Elizabeth had a quilt for her brother which featured a very old block pattern called Farm and Fireside.

Next week we will have an Easter Raffle so bring along some goodies and other items so we can have lots of prizes.

Happy stitching Elizabet and Colleen


A lovely blue and green quilt by Liz Imrie.


Farm and Fireside quilt by Elizabeth Buzzell

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Tuesday 13th March

We had a lovely day of stitching and chatting. No big events so just relaxing with our mates and needles. Still a lot of English Paper Piecing in progress with lots of hexagons in all shapes and sizes. Nancy is using ‘Fossile Fern’ fabric for her hexis and they look great.

The girls were busy putting the last stitches into the raffle quilt and the top is now finished. Looks very fresh and beachy. It is off to the quilter now. Great job everyone who took part. Thanks to Marcia R. we had delicious scones with jam and cream for morning tea.

Show and Tell:

Helen had a lovely quilt she made from two layer cakes. That is one way to make sure everything matches and on this quilt they certainly do. Well done Helen.

Robyne P. has made a bag embellished with Sashiko. The red really stands out against the blue. Lovely work Robyne. We are glad to see you back and looking well again.

Next week is our AGM so please attend and take on a roll if you can.

Happy stitching everyone Elizabeth and Colleen


Helen’s lovely quilt.


Robyne’s sashiko bag.


Sharon and Marcia putting in the last stitches.


The raffle quilt top is finished. Looks great!!!

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Tuesday 6th March

What a rainy morning and many members stayed home. We had a small group but it was still fun to catch up. Wilga gave me some very useful tips regarding my next project – a double wedding ring quilt. We also enjoyed a crumble slice from Claudette and an apple slice from Ursula. Thanks ladies they were both delicious!!

The raffle quilt girls were very busy and it is coming together nicely with only a bit of unstitching. Looks very cool and modern and suitable for our seaside location.

March newsletter is out and available on the Newsletter page. Please note April 6th not March for the Kantha workshop.

Helen Granleese brought in her quilt in progress. It features lovely blocks in Civil War reproduction fabrics.

Next week we hopefully finish the raffle quilt. Remember the AGM is coming up on the 20th. Stitch well Elizabeth and Colleen


Helen, Claudette and Sharon busy with the raffle quilt.The flow of the design is now clearly visible


Helen’s quil;t in progress showing the lovely blocks.


Close up showing the beautiful Civil War fabrics and the border print joiner.


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